joe_haldeman (joe_haldeman) wrote,

Back in Gainesville

We watched Aldebaran blink out last night in occultation, right on time at 10:59 p.m. Right above the quarter moon. Quietly magical. Nicely scheduled; we just came in from a Pierce Pettis concert, and watched it from the driveway.

A nice cool morning today, mid-fifties. It was also gorgeous yesterday, and we went out to the Town of Tioga for an art fair, and a good lunch at the Spanish restaurant, Saboré.

I was greatly tempted by a couple of clever pens, repurposed military ammunition. But the most impressive ones were $50, so I resisted.

I didn't take any special drawing stuff to the concert, but did a pencil sketch in my small dinosaur notebook. (Somehow I got mixed up trying to draw his hands playing the guitar and got the right and left mixed up! That's what I get trying to do two things at once.) (Oh well -- Picasso did it too, and got paid well for it.)

Will be going to meet Doris Nabors and sister-in-law Barbara for lunch. (Three cardinals, two of them bright red boys, playing out by the feeder in back. Plus a couple of mockingbirds, much annoyed by them.)

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