joe_haldeman (joe_haldeman) wrote,

Winter Star Party VI-Friday

Friday: Saw a Key Deer a couple of houses away yesterday morning.
We went over to the Winter Star Party site, but heavy clouds moved in.. We were moved by Christian charity to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies from a table of cuties, though, and charitably munched a dozen or so, walking back.
Too tired from our labors to even watch television. More torpidity than labor, I suppose. We'd also had a generous supper up at the No Name Bar & Grill, a large order of fried grouper.
(The place was full of HUGE people, which might have impaired my appetite a little. I wonder whether they all live on the island, and they're lithe and beautiful until about thirty, when with great relief they surrender to their appetites.)
Still scattered clouds this morning, but they're beautiful high cumulus, cheerful and hopeful. Except to astronomers, perhaps.
I hope we have another good night of observing tonight, but it was good to have the one.
I got a nice pair of binoculars yesterday, to replace the lost 7X50's. These are a little smaller, 8X42. Noticeably lighter, for birding, but still good light-gathering power.
I have four hard-cooked eggs sitting in hot water. Delicious farm-fresh, perhaps from the cacklers that wander around underfoot. Think I'll attack a couple of them.

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