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23 January 2017 @ 12:57 pm
Jack Williams  
Jack Williams came into town yesterday to give a "house concert" at our friends Brandy & Christina's place, with Christina putting out a generous spread of snacks.  About thirty people came, and Jack treated us to a very lively time, about two hours of songs new and old.

It's a new way of having concerts that's becoming more and more popular in folk music here in the south.  Some friends of Brandy and Christina's supplied the sound system, we rounded up some folding chairs, and Jack's wife Judy did the organizing, with a large display of Jack's CD's for sale.  They sold a couple of dozen.

It's an interesting small segment of the entertainment industry, with individuals and families taking over the functions normally done by corporations.

Jack's voice was clear and good, but a bit road-fatigued.  He's added a couple of old-new songs, fast loud ones from his rock-and-roll days.  He found them on yellowed old sheet music from his misspent youth!  The patter that went with the songs was vintage reminiscence, mostly about the sixties and seventies in rock and country, an eclectic mix.

They drove off into doubtful weather toward home. They’ve been away for months.

Not a life I would like.  But I'm not really an entertainer.  (I do get paid for entertaining people, but from behind a substantial barrier of intermediaries.)

Jsck and Judy spend months on the road every year, living out of a comfortable van.  They like traveling and are enthusiastic birders.  I think they've observed birds in all 50 states.  With us in Alaska a few years ago.

Time to go back soon.


et in Arcadia egoboo: Ada  Lovelaceapostle_of_eris on January 24th, 2017 01:28 am (UTC)
I've been fascinated that in the age of unimaginably vast troves of recordings every form of live performance is booming.