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08 February 2017 @ 09:48 am
fishy friends  
When I  was in college my relatives sometimes invited me down to their fishing cabin in the Louisiana bayou, where the relatively shallow water was teeming with alligator gar.  Big suckers, more than a yard long.  Good eating, though the white locals disparaged them as "colored-person food" (when they were being polite).    My white relatives knew that was nonsense.  They're delicious baked, or cut up and deep-fried.
I swam in that lovely warm water for just one day, until a toothy six-foot gar jumped out of the water in front of me.  I suddenly felt like bait.
I've swum with bigger fish, sharks, in the Caribbean and the Pacific, and intellectually I know they're rarely interested in people.  I still get out of the water unless I'm in a group.