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22 November 2016 @ 07:27 am
Mexico.  We got on the bus in Valencia around dawn and drove for hours.  One early-morning stop for coffee at Peniscola was a mild disaster for me.  I lost my balance on an uphill cobblestone road and wound up falling into a puddle of evaporated piss in front of a bar -- graceful as always! -- but another bar was open and I was able to clean up after a fashion.  Skinned my shin in two spots, which would be hard to do on a road that was not made of cobblestones.  I had a beer but decided not to add to the puddle, and used the strangely clean men's room there.  I guess they kept it clean by using the street.

Uneventful long bus ride.  Back in Barcelona about five in the afternoon.  Wandered around a bit, circling around, and stopped in front of our hotel, where the restaurant maintains a nice gas fire for people to sit and talk on the sidewalk.  I had a delicious and most welcome Campari on the rocks.  We made reservations for supper and came up to the room to check mail and rest.

Looks like it will be raining all tomorrow.  I'll write on Asa and maybe find a sheltered place to draw something.  Might find a museum somewhere in this culture-laden town.  But no bus!

joe_haldemanjoe_haldeman on November 22nd, 2016 04:52 pm (UTC)
We're in Spain, of course.