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06 October 2012 @ 08:47 am

I did get the new bicycle in an abstract sense yesterday, but I won't be able to pick it up till Tuesday.  They have to assemble it and transfer my accessories.  But I'm not bikeless; they let me take my old one back.

 (That's literally true; I paid for the bike and walked out to get lunch and thought wait!  Went back and "borrowed" my old bike, sans accessories, from their shop downstairs.)

After writing for a few hours I met Gay at Club Passim and we spent the evening enjoying David Mallet's singing and playing.  He noted that he first played there 34 years ago – we first saw him not long after that, in '83.  Excellent voice and guitar, both fingerstyle and flat-pick, with a good bassist playing one of those curious electric hybrid basses.  He wrote "The Garden Song" ("Inch by inch; row by row…") and other down-East songs.

I've been practicing almost daily; the guitar and music have taken over the couch in this little apartment.  I have to get in shape for Archon next week, where I'll be doing a half hour of my own "filk" compositions.

Right now I have a solid cold that's helping me on low notes.  Have to compensate for that next week – at least I hope the cold will be gone then. 


Today I'm meeting Gay in Somerville in the afternoon for a strange street thing celebrating silly music, the HONK! Festival (http://honkfest.org).  Will report.


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