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07 June 2012 @ 10:07 am
Yesterday was relatively quiet, with the solar system just rolling along its usual path.  After a leisurely breakfast we went out into the gray (but dry) day and hiked uphill to Fort Hamilton, which dates from  the 1860’s.  It’s a nicely manicured Victorian fort, with great big guns and mortars that I think were never used.  (Not having Google handicaps me here.)


The view of the port and islands was gorgeous, even though the visibility was limited by haze.    I walked down a forbidding shaft blasted through rock down to sea level, 108 steps, and then walked back up to report to Gay that she had missed nothing but exercise.  There were some pleasant gardens but no commercial establishments, so we walked back down to sea level to find lunch and a beer.


We walked up Front Street and wound up at BUEI, the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, a modern and slightly strange museum built around archeological and oceanographic finds from local waters.  We had lunch at the elegant-if-pricey Harbourfront restaurant there, and then saw a little movie about local exploration.


The museum had a couple of modernish exhibits, like a simulated submarine that does a kind of Disney-style simulation of an action-fraught trip to the bottom of the sea.  It was all good clean fun, but the organization of the place seemed pretty random.


We came back in time for dinner, but only had soup and salad, figuring we’d go down to Front Street for dinner from the sidewalk vendors, a local custom that we’ve enjoyed (and survived) in the Bahamas.  We missed it, though – about an hour later it started raining and there was an announcement that Front Street had rolled up its sidewalk.


We solaced ourselves with Scrabble up in the game room – casinos, perhaps fortunately, not open in port.  Susan Casper had won the previous night, but I won twice, thank goodness, restoring order to my solipsistic universe.


There was a show at 11:00, but we decided that Scrabble had sapped our strength.  Had a drink with Gardner and Sue and then called it a day.
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