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28 March 2012 @ 05:55 pm

Yesterday Gay and I went to see The Hunger Games, and we both liked it.  Maybe I liked it a little more, but then I find more entertainment in blood & gore than she does.

The movie wasn't extreme in that regard.  Realistic but not exploitational.   The violence expertly controlled.

(I can see why they wanted to hold back for the sake of ratings, though god knows a little nudity and sex, or a lot, might have made the movie more appealing to a certain degenerate coterie.  To which I enthusiastically belong.)

You probably know the situation:  in a dystopic future two youngsters, male and female, are drafted to go into a primitive combat situation with other pairs from other regions, to fight to the death.  Only one person will be allowed to live.

Of course our pair falls in love.  The girl, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is most impressive.  Pretty but not glamorous, with very little or very subtle makeup, acting with wonderful smoldering energy, pent up and then exploding.  The guy, Josh Hutcherson, becomes a male version of the damsel in distress, and does a good job in that more limited role; Woody Harrelson has a sharp extended cameo as their mentor, one of the few surviving veterans of the games.

The sets and crowd scenes in the beginning are good zany filmic science fiction, amusing horrific shoddiness in a future that has gone wrong in so many ways.

It wouldn't do to examine the logic behind the story too closely.  But then it's not presented as a realistic future.  As an extended brutal metaphor it works well.  Highly recommended.

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